About Us

Growing up in Buffalo, NY I have pride and loyalty running through my veins. I defend the Bills as if they were a family member. Since then, I have lived in several other cities and have not found another that has the same dedication and love for their teams as my hometown.

Having personally owned hundreds of sports t-shirts, I found myself constantly searching eBay or frequenting Goodwill for my favorite items. NFL.com or team store items felt very generic and were not something I would wear beyond a sporting event.

After looking around, it also was apparent that the "small market" of Buffalo did not receive the same amount of love as the major metros like NYC, Miami or LA. That didn't fly with me.

I set out to create fashionable clothing inspired by the great city of Buffalo. To produce a throwback, vintage look that you can't currently find in stores. I hope you see my vision.

Thank you for supporting me in the early stages of my journey. I look forward to delivering the best fans in the world the finest quality clothing they deserve.